Sunday, July 27, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

We traveled on open water for ten minutes or so then noticed that the canyon walls were closing in on us - speed was reduced considerably as the waterway became smaller and smaller. The twists and turns became more frequent and the occasional gasp from those on board could be heard and the camera clicks were continues. You were held spellbound as to what was just around the next bend!! The dark stain on the canyon walls certainly catches your attention (more on this later). We proceeded into the canyon for about 15 minutes or so until the passageway became so narrow that I thought the boat would soon need a new paint job!! We eventually entered a wider section that is called "The Tub" where the female pilot was able to safely turn the vessel around - she sure could steer that boat!!

As we exited that canyonway I thought to myself that it would be a very long time before I would forget what we had all just experienced!!

When we hit open water again our speed increased as we headed in the opposite direction from the canyon we had just left behind - we would eventually enter a much bigger canyon where a most interesting and amazing work of art was waiting for us - no doubt this is nature at it's best - We did however see some other very interesting things on our way!!


Thanks Win S.

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