Monday, July 28, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

Here is a photo of the Navajo Reservation side of Lake Powell - have you ever seen so many pickup trucks in one spot - they are either fishing on boats or along the shoreline. As we approached this building on the water (we had slowed to a snails pace) it was explained to us that what we were looking at was the largest floating marina in North America - It has stores, including boat supplies, food, fuel etc. along with a restaurant, toilet & shower facilities and everything else one would expect to find at a marina!! The numbered houseboats can be rented on a weekly basis at a cost of $12,000. That seems totally out of reach until it is explained to you that up to 9 couples can be aboard - they have full kitchens, suites, sat. television, hot tubs etc. - That would be a dream holiday, however when you think about it where would you find 9 couples who could get along on a boat for a full week - well, it could be done I guess if you called it a GFPK mini-reunion!!

You will notice the pic. showing a boat running alongside ours - that is a sister tourboat but a bit smaller. Although many who use this lake are just regular everyday people, there are some with more money than they know what to do with (some oil money in there I'm sure) The tourguide mentioned that some of these hugh privately owned houseboats cost as much as 7.5 million (I wonder if I could rent one for 15 minutes or so??).


Thanks Win S.

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