Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

Here is a couple of photos of the landscape as we were whizzing along the lake toward the canyon that would take us to the "Tapestry". The deserts in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and others offer such amazing shaped mountains just popping up out of the miles & miles of sand as you travel along!!

The boat slowed to a crawl allowing everyone aboard to view with amazement what is known as the Tapestry - you would swear that Michael Anglo had been set to work again to perform his magic.........This is why we were not too disappointed in missing the stone arch (which must be outstanding also - Oh well, maybe a return visit). When you realize that the dam is over 500 feet high, then the canyon walls must have been the same height prior to the flooding. I wonder just how large that tapestry is below water level?? The boat stayed motionless for a good ten minutes so everyone could truly view and appreciate what they were looking at............lots of photos taken by everyone aboard!!

We were opened throttle heading back in - the interior of our boat can be seen in one of the pics. The construction of the dam and the formation of Lake Powell is something to behold - The lake is immense straddling the border between Arizona & Utah.

Lake Powell and surrounding area would be a favourite spot for any traveler!!


Thanks Win S.

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