Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

Here is a photo of the four of us as we were leaving Lake Powell for the last time - This resort would be on anybody's list as a place to stay, but with the mileage Ann & I do & the number of places we stay at, our budget dictates that Motel 6's and Super 8's will do just fine thank you!!

Within minutes we had crossed the border into Utah and stayed the night in a town called Kanab.....Upon leaving the next morning as we were exiting the town we noticed a police cruiser parked on the highway, I kept my eyes on the road and my traveling companions started to laugh, then Ann asked me "did you see the manikin dressed like a cop sitting in the front seat of the cruiser?" - I told them they had to be nuts and kept driving!! Well, the hwy we traveled hooked back into Arizona & we passed through the town of Fredonia and as you can tell, if you look closely, (dark windows) there is a manikin cop - now he doesn't hand out tickets but he does get your attention!!

Our next stop was The Pipe Spring Nat. Mon. (The smallest national park in all of the U.S.) There is a total of two on staff, the park ranger & his wife. She sells admission tickets and hands out brochures. They have apparently been with the park service for a number of years and travel wherever the Nat. Parks Service needs assistance - they have been living in a motorhome for 11years & although they love what they do they think it's about time to retire!! This location has quite a history - back in the mid 1800's the Mormon Church was, among other things, practicing polygamy - When the Feds. decided to crack down on this practice the Mormon Headquarters in Salt Lake City bowed to the pressure and claimed to cease the practice - they did however have a number of members with many wife's and decided to scatter them around the countryside hidden away from the federal marshals. This fort like building served as one such home for a man and his many wife's and children - there were continues problems with the local Navajo tribes & after a farm hand was killed by Indians stealing livestock they brought in their own small army to provide protection - Photos of the barracks etc. This park ranger and his wife happened to be Morons and he turned out to be quite a story teller. A really nice elderly couple!!


Thanks Win S.

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