Thursday, July 31, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

A short distance down County Road 389 from Pipe Spring Nat. Mon. was Colorado City, Az. Some of you will remember the 500 plus children who were removed from a Polygamist Mormon Compound in Texas earlier this year........Well if I have the story correct these children and the adults originated in Colorado City, Az. and for reasons of their own (probably pressure from Salt Lake City) decided on Texas!! We drove through Colorado City in the early afternoon on a Sunday and found the town almost deserted (I don't imagine that they all went to Texas)......with the exception of a mother and her brood. (we weren't about to stop and take pics.) This place was amazing with the surrounding red tinted mountains.
About a half mile north of Colorado City we crossed the border again back into Utah and bid goodbye to Arizona for the last time (on this trip). We spent the better part of two weeks in and around Arizona and must say it's our favourite state!!

We arrived in St. George, Utah, brochures we had pickup along the way advised to check out the Mormon Temple, it was certainly worth it with it's beautifully landscaped lawns and gardens. This temple is second in size only to the main headquarters in Salt Lake City!!

Shortly after leaving St. George we entered the Zion Canyon Nat'l Park - in this canyon you are looking up at the immense walls of rock that surround you whereas with both the Grand & Bryce Canyons you are looking out and down most of the time - as I said earlier it's whatever your personal preference is as to which of the three canyons will impress you the most!!


Thanks Win S.

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