Saturday, August 09, 2008

Artificial Turf Infor


OK, one more…Normand’s photos, this time, are showing one of two things. The guy is probably servicing the field for a bad or torn seam, he’s bending down, just above the fence. The sign is correct, there really is no need for fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides of any kind on the field. We work on occasion with a company that does sod, and our agreement is – you do the living stuff, we do the dead stuff. Anyway there are only two possibilities for liquid applied to the field. 1- It could be hosed off following any event that would deposit unwanted matter on the field such as from dogs, sick kids, the wounded…you get the idea. 2-Most college and pro teams today apply a topical anti-microbial agent on the field, approximately every two weeks to prevent the turf or the infill from harboring any bio-health related disease. It gets pricey, which is another reason we use an anti-microbial infill that is not made of rubber, is virtually permanently coated and needs no recoat.

Thanks Very Much Duncan Y.

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