Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dance School Memoies

Hi Marty,

WOW that news clipping about the 70th anniversary of Cameron School of Dancebrought a lot of memories flooding into my head. I studied dance (ballet and tap) with Mrs. Cameron and her daughter, Cheri, for about 5 years and loved every minute of it.

Initially, I started takingdance lessons based on the recommendation from my orthopaedic surgeon fromthe Shriner's Hospital in Montreal where I was treated for my club foot. He said dancing would be great exercise and therapy for my foot and he was not wrong. When I attended classes they were held on Saturday mornings in gym of the Catholic school on Hubert St. The recitals were always held on the stage in the gym at Royal George School on Springfield.

I loved dancing then and still enjoy it to this very day - it's great exercise for the body, mind and soul. I have many fond memories of those classes and recitals. I enjoy dance so much that while my husband and I lived in Lloydminster, AB I returned to taking formal TAP dance classes (in an adult program) at theripe young age of 45 for 5 years until we moved back to McMurray.

Every year there was a group of about a dozen of us who went to competition in Edmonton and we walked away with gold medal awards more so because thejudges admired us for taking part rather than for our skill, technique and/or presentation.

Joan (Highfield) Nykiforuk

Thanks Joan

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