Wednesday, August 13, 2008

GPK Sports Wall of Fame

Marty,Here are a few photos of the GPK Sports Wall of Fame and the Mike Reid Softball Tournament. I'll send you more if you want them.

7036 Two of the Park's greatest skaters Laurie and Cynthia with their coach Garth Evans

7042 Wally Zatylny football star with Hamilton and Garry Galley NHL star with at least 5 NHL teams

7044 Wally Weir, who starred with the Quebec Nordiques, Paul Dunn and Alan Globensky, also a star of the Nordiques.

7057 Bruce Wilkins CFL star and his son who played with the Packers and Bishop's University

7072 Steve Zatylny winner of a Grey Cup with Winnipeg who was heading off to Paris on his honeymoon saying goodbye to Bruce (Moose) Wilkins

Thanks John Riley

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