Sunday, August 31, 2008

Guess Who ???? (NAMED)

Can anyone name her??
Thanks Heather G.
Dear Marty,

I think the girl in Heather's 1960 picture is Fran Coates. If so, we were in Miss Howie's Grade 6 together at St. Lambert Elementary, and I believe Fran lived on Desaulniers Blvd. because I remember going to a birthday party there.

Not many answers for the Warriors (even with the hints). In Back Row, fourth from the left is John McConachie; Mid Rows: Richard Tombs (?), Donnie Bremner (?), Len Davis and Bobby Morley (?); Front Row, Wally Robinson is first at left. John placed a DEC. of departed members in his report, Cecil Mitchell is long deceased, his widow, Ethel, remarried and I believe lives in the Ottawa area -- parents of Marilyn and Karen. In the recent picture, I recognize George Graham in back row and John M. & Len D. in front row.

Linda Alexander-LaRoche

Thanks Linda

Hi Marty,

Hard to believe summer is all but over.

My guess for Heather G's red head is either Fran or Candy Coates.


Thanks Sandy R.

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