Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Little News on Mr. Spriggs

Hello Marty

I just have to write! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the Louis Armstrong/Danny Kaye video - usually I can't open these videos on the blog but this one came through and it is fantastic! I, too, feel sorry for all the young people who have never heard Louis - what a performer! Danny was great, too. There was so much talent in those days.I bet The Elvis Show at the Arena was loads of fun.

Is that REALLY Penny Spriggs in picture #4? Our fathers grew up together In East Greenfield - THEY sure had a lot of fun.They drove their teacher crazy with their shananigans - from tipping the out-house (when the teacher was in it) to putting a rock on the chimney a few times causing so much smoke when the teacher lit the stove next morning that school was cancelled for the day.Looks like everyone at your get-together had a good time. Reminds me of all the get-togethers at our church. (We go to the New Apostolic Church, have fellowship after Sunday service, lots of picnics, seniors' trips - I find it hard to believe everyone isn't 250 pounds because it seems we are always eating).

Thanks Diana J.P.

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C said...

Thank you for the info on Mr. Spriggs!