Monday, August 04, 2008

Louis Armstrong & Danny Kaye


A good one!!!!!!!
I feel sorry for people who are too young to remember stuff like this!

when he was on tour. The second time was in the Congo in 1960.
He played at a huge soccer stadium in Leopoldville. Crowd
was about 30.000 people that day. Louis was brought into the stadium
on a throne-like chair carried on the shoulders of six or eight bearers.
The crowd almost went crazy when he entered. He had a 10 minute
standing ovation even before he blew a single note.

Louis Armstrong was one the best good-will ambassadors the USA
ever had. He played in the USSR on many occasions and had
many thousands of loyal and loving fans through some of the
chilliest years of the cold war. He played every major city on
the globe always leaving great memories with those he entertained.

Thanks Win S.

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