Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nascar Race

The first photo is of a 1934 "Whatever-wish I knew" - All I know is I would have enjoyed taking it around the track a few times!!

The Sprint Series Point Leader presently (perhaps Carl Edwards will have something to say about that!!) is Kyle Bush, that's his green car no.18 - Note the small print on the left side on the back of his car - "JOHN 3:15" - Almost everybody connected to Nascar are from the Southern States where religion plays a big part in their lives - Further evidence of this are the photos of the crew members from the "Jesus" team and the reverend holding Sunday morning church services for the drivers and crews!!
(Photos attached)

Each driver has his own large trailer equipped with lockers for specialty tools, communication equipment, kitchen and driver's lounge where they rest up and hold meetings with their people - note that the sponsor's names ( I.E. Office Depot, Home Depot, AT&T, Budweiser etc.) are written on roll-up doors where their backup cars are stored in case something happens to the main vehicle!!

That's my nephew Craig, the young lady on the left is Michelle who, like Craig, works for Harlequin - one of Michelle's many duties at Harlequin is to organize things in and around the different tracks on Craig's behalf - she does a bang-up job - took care of our bunch like a mother hen!! That's Jeff Owen in the red cap - he is a sponsorship manager hired by Office Depot to work at the track each weekend - a really nice guy and there isn't a heck of a lot that he doesn't know about Nascar racing!!

I'm also including a few shots of Saturday's action - the pits, the infield and the race - note the severe slant to the track, necessary because at times the cars are moving at 180 MPH or better!!


Thanks Win S.

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