Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nascar Race

Here's a pic. of our hostess Michelle standing in front of rookie driver's David Ragan trailer - the next photo shows Ragan's backup car no.6 in it's storage area above the main entrance to his trailer.

The gentleman in the dark blue blazer and light blue shirt is Mike Helton, the president of Nascar - He is the one that is well known in racing circles and makes himself visible at all the meets - Most people think he is "Mister Nascar" but he actually works for Brian France who is very seldom seen!! - The France Family started Nascar and kept it as a privately run company since it's inception. His grandfather, Bill France Senior started the Nascar organization.

We were hoping for some free samples (rye whiskey that is) from the "Jim Beam" girls but no such luck!!

I'm including some photos of the action including one car that blew it's engine, you can see it entering the pits!!

Watching these races on television is one thing but to be there for the sights and sounds and the smell of rubber burning is really an experience - being part of a crowd of 240,000 (the equivalent to a medium size city) is simply amazing!! I'll be working on my nephew Craig for next springs Daytona 500 - wish me luck!! - Everyone has to pick a favourite driver so I'll go with Carl Edwards!!


Thanks Win S.

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