Wednesday, August 27, 2008

News From Heather C.

Hi Folks:

Just to note to let you all know that I cannot make the reunion this year in Niagara Falls. I am very disappointed, but this has been a jam packed year for us, what with moving,(getting renos done, I now hate painting), selling foals and (very traumatic for me) sending the horses away for breeding (had to do a couple of semen runs but that is another story) and a new horse arriving September 11th. I also have the annual inspection with the judges coming over from the Netherlands on the 19th of September, so my plate is a tad full. I am also planning on visiting my mom and sisters Shirley and Bonnie in B.C. in October. With my mom's age of 93, one never knows, so I try to see her as much as is possible, and Shirley is still battling her brain tumours but is doing well.

Rest assured that I am planning on attending the reunion in 2009, wherever it will be, I hope this annual venture continues as I really look forward to seeing everyone. If I can be of assistance for 2009 in any way, let me know, you are all welcome here, much bigger place and better shelter from bad weather than last time.

So raise a glass for me and know that I am with you all in spirit, I will be thinking of you on that weekend.

P.S. if there are any mini reunions down London way, don't forget to let me know, rumour has it that I am now retired, (a week ago) but Larry is away fishing for a couple of weeks so while my timetable is more flexible, I am soley responsible for the herd but I bought a little volkswagon jetta so gas is more within reason and a trip to London is just a nice drive. Works both ways, love to see you London folks.

As Always
Heather Hubbard Cooper

Thanks Heather

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