Sunday, August 17, 2008

Prairie Moments

Hi Martston

For some time now I have been having a relationship with a wiley coyote. My wife knows about it so, its O.K. I leave the house on my mountain bike about a half hour after sun rise which can be any where from 5.00 a.m. to 7.00/ Its about 35 minutes later before I get out to this area.

At first I had that strange feeling like I was being watched , then one morning I spotted her lying low in the grass. She would follow at a distance of about 50 feet but when I stopped she would turn and make a bigger distance between us.

As soon as I started to roll again, she would continue to follow doing the exact same speed I was. I don't know how long this strange relationship had been going on before I became aware of her but it is now almost 2 years since that time.

I only became aware it was a " SHE " when by luck I happened to spot a cub while focused on trying to set the camera zoom lense. Since that, I have spotted another cub. She definately is in charge of them.

That was about April, so naturally the cubs have grown and its hard to tell now who is who. One of the cub barks when he knows I have spotted him as if trying to show me how brave he is. ONe of the pictures shows him with his mouth wide open, barking as usual.

You had a ferrell cat story running for a while. This is the same sort of thing but in reverse with me as the ferrell. My hosts are not near as friendly or welcoming I'm getting the feeling they would rather I not stay at all. They sort of usher me through their place and follow me just to a certain point which may be their boundries.

Once I pass that invisable line she turns and trotts off. She probaly has it all marked out and I suspect it took a long time and a lot of urine to do the job. If you have read" Never Cry Wolf" by Farley Mowatt, you'll remember how he watched the wolves mark off their territory that way and so went back to his tent and drank gallons of tea so as to have enough " water" to mark our his own territory in retaliation.

I haven't got the nose, kidney capacity or inclination for any such project. I am just enjoying their company for now and hope they will tolerate my intrussion.
I'll keep you posted on " our" progress

Cheers for now

Doug G

Thanks Doug

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