Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reply to Keith from Murray

Keith wrote
I noted that you referred to Murray Penny going to Mayor Galletti’s house one evening and I was the accomplice on that trip. We needed sweaters for the bantam eight man football team that my younger brother Eric played on.Murray and I went by bike to his home on Devonshire. He welcomed us and said he would look after the sweaters. Sure enough we received beautiful dark blue sweaters with white trim. Our season opener was at home against the LRA team from Longueuil and when they arrived you can guess guess what colours their sweaters were – dark blue with white trim.

Murray Wrote
I don't remember Galletti promising anything, so you can imagine my surprise (and my Mothers complete surprise), when I returned home one day and found 12 sweaters and 12 helmets on the front porch!! She had no idea what I was up to, I couldn't have told her a she would have stopped me.That must have been the moment when I also revealed to my Mother that I had collected every players birth certificate to take on my bicycle to the "QRFU" meeting in St. Lambert so that we could get our team sanctioned and into the league. Mother had a conniption fit when she heard that her 13 year old son had collected these "important documents". Fortunately for me I believe that I had returned them to the players by this time.
Keith wrote
That team, with my brother Eric was actually the second year of eight man football in the Park. The year before we had a team in bantam and it was sponsored by Ron Platt’s father who ran a television shop called Platt Electronics.We had yellow and black sweaters and were coached by Chuck Kobelt who lived across the street from the Garretts at the corner of Empire and Hins. We lived in the ground floor on Hins and Red Drummond lived upstairs.

Murray wrote
I played on the Platt team and it was not in the "QRFU", my memory isn't very good but I believe that it was a sort of rag-tag league.
Keith wrote
We also upset the league at our home opener that year as we had to put the lines on the paying field at Empire & Churchill. The most popular sport at the time was soccer so the field wasn't marked for football as as this was before the GPAA, we had to do it ourselves. We had a limited supply of the white powder so we did the sidelines, goal lines, 25 yard lines and 45 yard lines all the way across the field but all of the other lines at 5 yard intervals only extended out about 10 - 15 yards from the sidelines, making it impossible to call for a measurement if the ball was in the center of the field.

Murray wrote
Ron Platt and I scrounged money from Bob Baverstock and rode back on our bicycles from the building supply in Lemoyne with bags of lime on our handlebars to "lime the field"
I don't know if Keith remembers or not but at our first game with the blue sweaters(i forget the team name) the referee "DUBY" Herbert Dubois was last seen running down Empire towards St. Charles with angry fans pelting stones at him as they were upset with some calls he made against our team at the end of the game.As I was responsible for this team it was a great embarresment for me especially since they were legitamate calls.

Murray wrote
I think that I forgot to mention that when we were liming the field that it was a soccor field, not quite the same length as a football field so the ten yard markers wern't exactly 10 yards, they wern't even approximately 10 yards!!!

Thanks Murray P.

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