Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sprigg boys names and memories

Hi Marty,
I was talking with my Mum this evening and she remembers the names of the Spriggs boys :
Michael & Barry - twins
She believes that
1) Wayne was the eldest, (but is not sure how they range down from there; and
2) that one of Mr. Sprigg's granddaughters is currently living in the house on "Devonshire".

Normand, thanks for the picture of the East Greenfield M&SCRR station - this sure brings back many memories. Loads of shad flies!! Did these trains have those woven yellow seats that usually broke and these broken strands scratched your legs?

P.S. Am really enjoying Win's holiday pictures - awesome scenery!

Thanks Diana J.P.


C said...
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C said...

G & R Spriggs family; residents of Greenfield Park (G Spriggs, brothers K, M & D, parents F & J originate from East Greenfield).