Friday, August 15, 2008

Thanks to Richard W.

Hi Marty
Please thank Richard W. for the information on Massey-Harris-Ferguson tractors. I always find these histories so interesting. Since his tractors were doing so well in England, I wonder when/why Ferguson left?

The pictures Win S. has been sending were great - I'm going to miss seeing them! The Amish family reminds me of when we lived in Heidelberg ONTARIO (just north of Waterloo) where there are many Mennonites. Old Order Mennonites do not have electricity (except, I believe, if they sold milk, then they'd have it only to the milk house).

It was always a thrill to see them ploughing in their fields with up tor 6 horses; or to see their horse and buggies tethered to posts outside their Meeting Houses on Sundays, even more so watching as they trotted 'round a bend sometimes up to 30-40 at a time on their way back - then hearing the clip-clop of the horses as they wended their way home from Sunday visiting in the small wee hours.

Thanks for all the interesting items,

I love this Blog!
Thanks Diana J.P.

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