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The Warriors Begining (Names)

Can anyone name the players above??

Hi Marty, back in March of 1958 a group of Parkers were sitting around Robinson's Hamburger Shoppe wondering what we would be doing the upcoming summer as we had all passed the age of eligibility (16) for any GPAA activities. The solution was to create the Warriors Athletic Club and to enter a team in the South Shore Fastball League.

This was not unusual since many other groups in "The Park" had done the same things for Cricket, Soccer, Hockey,Womens Softball. Since the 1920's young people had organized "The Eagles" "The Meteors" "The Cardinals" "The Monarchs" and the "The Maroons" to name a few. In June of 1958 ,"The Warriors" with their distinctive green sweaters with an Indian head with a mohawk cut logo took to the field. We had no sponsor and since the only revenue source was passing the hat at home games we were all responsible for our own glove and spikes and for sharing equally the cost of sweaters,balls,bats league entry fees and catcher's apparel.

During the winter we also sponsored a broomball team. By the end of the 1964 season the club disbanded due to marriages,children and job relocations. Our first couple of seasons were played on the diamond at the north east corner of the existing football field and subsequently moved to a new diamond where the current Legion Parking lot now sits so that Norm Simard could watch from his reserved seat atop the town reservoir.

This past weekend 8 of the founding members and their wives met in Brockville to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the formation of the club.(unfortunately Bob Morley and Don Bremner were unable to be in Brockville and "Red " Drummond and his wife Betty-Ann left Brockville before the pictures were taken.( special thanks to George and Carol Hollingdrake for a superb job of organizing the event) I have attached a couple of photos of this past weekend's get-together along with a 1960, 1961? photo of the team. Perhaps your subscribers might want to guess the names of the players in the respective photos.

The original members of the Warriors were: Len Davis, Donnie Bremner , George Graham,Claude Desormeaux(Dec.), Bob Morley, John Normandeau(Dec.), "Red" Drummond, Bobby Evans(Dec.) Bruce Thompson, Wally Robinson, Doug Paquette, John McConachie with Mr. John Graham as Coach. Team statisticians were Barbara Ridewood(Dec.) and Carol Jiles. As the organization evolved other people such as Ken Crawley, Richard Tombs, George Hollingdrake , Gerry McKenna, Freddie Parrish, Melvin Stone and Mr. Cec Mitchell(coach) were members of the club.


Thanks John McC.
Can anyone name the players in these pictures???
Hi Marty the names to go with the Warriors photos are ---
Old photo--
back row L-R George Graham,Bob Morley,Gerry McKenna,John McConachie, "Red" Drummond, Freddie Parrish
Middle row L-R-- Richard Tombs, Don Bremner, Len Davis, Bobbie Evans(Dec), Mr. J. Graham Sr. (Coach)
Front row L-R-- Wally Robinson, Bruce thompson, Johnny Normandeau(Dec) Claude Desormeaux(Dec)

Recent photo back row L-R-- George Graham, George Hollingdrake, Bruce Thompson
front row L-R-- John McConachie, Doug Paquette, Len Davis, Wally Robinson. JMcC

Thanks John McC.

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