Monday, August 04, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

The following morning after leaving Bryce Canyon our traveling companion, Derek, was feeling poorly, running a fever and had considerable pain in his lower stomach. As it was the last day of the U.S. memorial weekend and we were pretty much out in the boonies we were worried about finding adequate medical care - Upon arriving in the small town of Panguitch, Utah to our good fortune this town turned out to be the medical hub for all the surrounding area and had the most modern and updated hospital we could hope to find. Derek as it turned out had a bladder infection and after x-rays and a supply of antibiotics we were on our way. I can't say enough for the staff we met that day - supplied us with food and drink and wouldn't accept a dime - the care and concern Derek received was worth the four hundred odd dollars it cost - Our Brits were certain that they would be able to recover this cost once they returned to England.

Shortly before leaving on this trip I had read about the town of Helper, as it turns out it was selected as the No.1 western town in all of the U.S. for 2007. The town got it's name due to the fact that it supplied small locomotives, sometimes up to seven at a time, to the railway to HELP carry coal through the steep mountain passes around the town, this started around the 1880 or so and continued until the diesel locomotives came on the scene in the mid 20th century!!

As we headed north out of Helper it was obvious that we continued to climb higher as snow started to appear in the hills and valleys around us.

We settled down in Provo for the night - snow-capped mountains surround the place - just amazing!! The next morning the ladies went shopping while Derek rested up in the motel - I took the car in for a much needed oil change.

We arrived later that day in Salt Lake City and as luck would have it one of our camera's memory card was full and the other camera needed charging - crappy timing!! - Derek and I stayed in the car while Ann & Sandra went into the Mormon Temple (the church's headquarters) Sandra apparently took some really nice pics. which I'm sure she will send to us shortly!!

The next day we headed further north into Yellowstone Nat'l Park.........................Later.........Win

Thanks Win S.

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