Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

We headed north out of Salt Lake City on i-15 to Idaho Falls then east on Hwy 26, this took us through the "Grand Teton" Mountains (translation please) - what a pleasure driving this highway & tons of snow everywhere you looked - after exiting the mountains we entered what our map said was Jackson - but when we arrived we realized that we were in Jackson Hole (What a surprise & treat). Like most western towns most of the activity centers around the town square - this one had four entrances with arches made from thousands of elk antlers - apparently the boy scouts go out every spring and pick them up in the surrounding forests - the male elk grow a new set of antlers each year!!

After reading the notice on the restaurant wall I figured it would be safer to stay away from any ranches in the area!! Derek & I spotted the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and figured that this place needed to be investigated (educational purposes only of course). There I am, as Gene Autry would say "back in the saddle again" - Remain me to never tangle with "Hunting Guide C. Dale Petersen" - This saloon was something else!! - you could spend a half day checking out the objects on display!! - The local beer wasn't bad either...................

Our ladies mentioned that there were some really great shops & restaurants as they toured around the town. - Jackson Hole, Wy. turned out to be another one of those diamonds in the rough!!

The next day we headed further north and entered the south rim of Yellowstone Park.


Thanks Win S.

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