Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

Take a look at the elk statue which we spotted on property belonging to the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, what a brilliant idea!!

We snapped photos of these wild buffalo just roaming around on the side of the highway - if we only knew that ahead of us there was more wild life than we could count. The mountains in the background of the lake turned out to be our last glimpse of the Grand Teton Mountain Range. Shortly afterward we entered Yellowstone National Park. - Take a gander at Yellowstone Lake, it's still frozen over and this is in late May!! We crossed the Continental Divide at an elevation of 8391 Feet - this far north and that high up it's no wonder the lake was still frozen!!

We arrived at Old Faithful Geyser - there's a notice on the door of the main headquarters estimating the times of the next eruptions she blows her top every half hour to forty minutes or so - this geyser is pretty predictable - hence the name "Old Faithful" .......There are many other geysers throughout this immense park, some much more violent than O.F. but predicting when they will erupt is impossible - some every 2/3 weeks to as long as 3/4 months.

These pics. were taken while everyone was waiting on Old Faithful to do her thing - a spout of steam and some extremely hot water would appear occasionally building up to the big moment!!


Thanks Win S.

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