Saturday, August 09, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

Here is a pic. of the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, I would have really liked to stay there for a night but Ann said to stick to the plan and take our usual Motel 6 or Super 8 or whatever.(Who am I to argue?) After booking motel rooms in Gardiner, Mt. we headed out to a nice restaurant - we all had our feedbags on as it had been a long day and we were all starving!! In this restaurant they had a Prong Horned Antelope mounted on the wall - I had heard about these animals on our trip and we all thought we had spotted a herd or two of them along the way but weren't sure!! As it was explained to me - prior to the last ice age (10,000 years or so) the fastest animal roaming North America was the cheetah and the second fastest was the prong horned antelope - well, as the story goes, the cheetah didn't fair too well and died off due to the ice age but the antelope obviously survived making it the fastest running animal in North America today!! - Gosh, who knew?? - Apparently when they are at full stride their legs are moving so quickly they can't be seen - "their legs that is!!"

The archway is the northern entrance to Yellowstone Nat'l. Park - They are female elk grazing on the side of the road!!

Our next major stop was Cody, Wy. (Buffalo Bill) so we took hwy 20 through the Absaroka Mountain Range - We stopped for lunch at this quaint little restaurant out in the middle of nowhere - the woman who served us said she owned the place and had no employees - her sister came in from somewhere to spell her for two weeks each year to give her a break - (and we think things are tough!!) - mind you the traffic going through that restaurant isn't exactly the same as New York City!!

As you can see we kept climbing and climbing on those switchbacks until we were just about even with those snow capped mountains off in the distance (notice the snow behind my car) Of course what goes up must come down - into Cody, Wy. - The scenery was amazing for my passengers but guess who had to concentrate on the road!!


Thanks Win S.

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