Monday, August 11, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

Whoever owns that motorcycle certainly has a sense of humour - a real eye catcher!!

The carving of the Crazy Horse Memorial was started by sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski back in 1946 - The Federal Government had offered to fund and complete this mammoth project way back when but the local Indian Bands rejected the offer (surprise) and said they would finance the project themselves through donations and tourism and without any input or interference from the Feds.

Rumour has it that this ongoing project has been around for 62 years with no end in sight!! Work is less than 10 percent completed and those involved are happy with things just as they are - as long as the project remains incomplete then donations and tourists will continue to flock to the sight and the money will continue to flow in!! If this keeps up then Crazy Horse should be on his horse by the year 2525 or so!! Ha Ha..........You get the feeling that everything is a money grab - for instance it costs $10.00 per car at the entrance (which is o.k.) but after you park the car you notice that the memorial is still at least a half mile away and in order to get closer they have small open-air buses charging $3.00 per person to take you to the base - They have a really hugh business going on selling Indian blankets, peace pipes, head dresses and anything else that is native - you can even buy chunks of rock that has been gathered from the base of the memorial !!

There's a photo of my buddy Derek with what I believe is some of the original drilling machines used on this project - Funny thing though, I didn't notice any new machinery around!!

Later that same day we arrived at Mount Rushmore!!


Thanks Win S.

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