Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

We learned some pretty interesting stuff while visiting Mount Rushmore - first of all let me refresh your memory............The four gentlemen depicted on the mountain side are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt and George Clooney .........OUCH!! - I just got smacked on the head again - Ann says it's Abraham Lincoln - "Who Knew"

Now, because of the varied textures of granite on the mountain side - some were apparently quite easy to work with while other areas were far to brittle and forever chipping off in chunks making it impossible to complete the project as originally
designed!! For instance look below Washington and you will notice that the granite is a much darker colour that other areas - well this problem was present throughout the project and adaptations were constant.............. Lincoln has no left ear etc., Washington was originally going to have his left arm and hand showing, also Roosevelt is in the background through necessity and not design!!
............There are other omissions - I can't remember them all - Sorry!!

It was really great visiting this sight - what an experience!!

Mount Rushmore was the last National Park we visited on our travels - there were eight in total if I remember correctly:

Carlsbad Caverns, Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam, Pipe Spring, Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone & Mount Rushmore..................Now, for your information, should you ever venture out that way.............We were prompted to purchase a yearly pass to all the Parks nationwide for $80.00 - if you paid individually it would cost $25.00 per visit (Max. four adults per vehicle).....so you can see we saved quite a bit, also it's good for a year from purchase and hopefully we will be hitting the road again and getting more use out of the pass!!


Thanks Win S.

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