Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

After leaving Mount Rushmore we shutdown in Chamberlain, S.D. on i-90 - Before taking a motel for the night we had a bite to eat at a Flying J Restaurant - just as we were finishing up we noticed a couple of police cruisers had pulled up outside, near the gas pumps and the cops were inside at the cash registers - We found out later that while we were eating, just a few yards away there was an armed robbery taking place!! (as it was quite late we happened to be the only customers in the restaurant area) - Man, we experienced a lot of things on this trip, thank goodness most were positive!!

We spent the next two days traveling east through South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, (for a couple of hours so our Brits could say they had been there), across the Mississippi River into Illinois and then visited an Amish Village in Nappanee, Indiana.

I managed to take seven photos at the village then, as luck would have it, the cards for both digital cameras were we left the parking lot the opportunity for a fantastic photo came about.......a small Amish boy (About four years old) came along the highway in a small buggy pulled by a tiny (baby) Shetland pony - with the little guy's mother and father bringing up the rear - walking - (The dad had a second set of reigns for total control)..................Sandra (our Brit) managed to snap a shot or two - When I receive a copy I'll forward it on to the blog...............................

We crossed the State Line into South Central Michigan and took accommodations in Coldwater .........The four of us then went out to a nice restaurant - sat back - had a few drinks and reminisced about the experience we had enjoyed in the past few weeks!!

The next day we crossed the border at Port Huron into Sarnia and we were home in London about an hour later!!

My wife, Ann, is my perfect traveling companion as we both love to hit the highways and we can't wait to see what's over the next hill !!

I hope some of you enjoyed taking this vacation trip with us - I know I got a kick out of re-living the whole experience!!

Keep the "Park" faith..............................Win

Thanks for the experience Win S.
I hope most of us enjoyed the trip

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