Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Guess Who Pic??? (Answered)

Thanks Heather G.

Dear Marty,

Today's photo is David Morewood, youngest and only boy in the family. The Morewoods lived on Miller just south of Regent. The two eldest girls, Marian (married to Harold Charles) and Anne, are retired United Church ministers; and Janice Cumming, a friend of mine and cruise (ship) mate, is the third sister and the girl that John McConachie mentioned in his chapter in the History of Greenfield Park (Page 230, 1st edition) as "the fastest female I knew" (fleet of foot, I hope). John did qualify it with "able to RUN faster".

Janice is a reader of the blog, although I don't believe she "hooks up" daily.

Linda Alex-LaR.

Thanks Linda

Hi Marty The latest picture is easy it could only be David Morwood.

Thanks Dave B

Thanks Dave

Hi Marty,

I believe today's guess who is David Morwood.


Thanks Sandy

Hi Janice,Marty's address is marstonnorthATsbcglobalDOTnet. Don't type the AT like I did type @ etc. You can take the guess.Glade to hear from you. Take care,John R
Hi John: I don't know how to reach Marty but the picture in todays blog is my brother David Morwood.
Maybe you can subkit it or let me know how to reach him.


Janice Cumming (Morwood)

Thanks Janice

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