Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finding more Ex Parkers

So it was a beautiful early autumn morning and Mavis and I and Joyce Normandeau were out browsing the neighbourhood and checking out garage sales in Peachland. Joyce was visiting from her home on Eva in Greenfield Park.
We were mulling over the goods on sale at one house, and i picked up an escargot serving dish. Joyce suggested I should buy it - and replied "sure - we aren't fancy sophisticated types like you Montreal types with your gourmet tastes and fancy manners." Upon hearing that the chap running the sale said - "hey - I'm originally from Montreal."
"Yea - what part?" I responded.
"Greenfield Park" said he.

That's how we met Richard Palczewski, who tells us that he used to live on Springfield near Royal George School - just close to Smith's store. Richard and his wife are leaving Peachland and moving to Salmon Arm. He relocated to the west in 1974.

We told him about the blog, and I have since sent him your URL. Just thought some folks might like to be updated on another former Greenfield Parker. Photo of we three former residents appended. Best as always Marty.


Thanks Gus R.

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