Monday, September 22, 2008

Gareau Oil Delivery

Their family business was on the corner of Churchill and Murray. I worked for them on Saturday delivering oil. That was my first driving experience. Drove the truck delivering oil with no driver licence. I delivered oil to a house on Princess one Christmas morning to a police officer that lived there and knew me very well His name was Gerry Dupre he asked me how come I was driving the truck to deliver oil when I did not have a drivers licence.

I told him he had called for oil and that the Gareau family were having their Christmas dinner that I was the only one able to deliver oil if that was not OK with him I would take the truck back and he could get delivery the next day.

As he was out of oil he just said go ahead and fill it up leave the bill in the door I did not see you. One of the sons took over the business in later years I am not sure if it was Gilles or Peter or both. I then think the father and mother may have moved into the apartment near Chambly it was a long time ago

David Wright (Horseman)
Still Galloping Along

Thanks Bud

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