Thursday, September 25, 2008

Great Memories from GPK

I would guess this would be the same Dupre. I believe he ended up as a sergeant with the force. He and another officer came to us from Lafleche at that time Mackayville or Muckeyville as they had no paved roads and when it rained everyone on the bus from there wore rubber boots.

The other officer was our chief of police if not mistaken his name was Charles Baker. They were both from the police force in Mackayville not sure this is the right spelling for the town. The house that Dupre lived in on princess had been brought down from Miller Street and if not mistaken was the Phillips house when on Miller.

Maybe someone with a better memory then mine will remember this. Before Princess Street was there it was field. And a man by the name of Russel Slaney had a trailer he lived in there. Steve Kemper may remember that if it was not before his time moving to the Park.

The Caverly house was moved from Devonshire over to Princess to make room for the Shell Station that went in there. The shell station at one time was run by Charlie Banning if not mistaken, And across Princess on the other corner was the Chinese food factory.

They had a nephew I think his name was Kay Lum he went to Royal George School was very clever and skipped some grades. He never came out to play after school worked in the factory. That is a little history from back then. That would have been around 1956 I would guess

David Wright
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Many Thanks Bud
I used to work for Charlie Banning....
What a great Guy...

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