Saturday, September 06, 2008

Guess Who?? (2 Right Answers)

Can anyone name him??
Thanks Heather G.
Hi Marty;Dorothy says that today's Guess Who is Billy Tock.John
Thanks John P.

Dear Marty,

The boy in the picture is Bill Tock (or maybe that was his father's name). Anyway, they lived two doors away from me at 523 (525) Vercheres. I was at 517 Vercheres in the Greenberg homes, which I believe were called Cavendish Gardens and I think there is still a Cavendish Gdns. bowling league operating at Champion Lanes.

The Leftover Bowling League has ceased to exist this year, after 51 seasons. Many of your readers have been a part of it -- a lot of Royal George teachers, etc. The League started as a duck pin league above Jazaar's on Green in St. Lambert , moved to Champion Lanes when it opened, then Quillorama on Blvd. Matte until they converted their 10-pin alleys to duck pins, then the past five or six years we have been at Volta Lanes in Boucherville. Last year the League dropped from 10 teams to 6 teams and I was the only "Anglo" left, Barbara Martin and Ken and Kathleen (Fogarty) Christie having left the year before for leagues closer to them in Otterburn Park or Beloeil. Judy Prince gave me a binder that John had kept with league history and virtually all the stats.

Linda Alex-LaR.

Thanks Linda

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