Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guess Who ?? (Answered Answered 2X)

Thanks Heather G.
Hi Marty;The Wednesday Guess Who is Fran Coates.John

You’re right & Thanks John P.

Hi Marston,

My name if Lynn Weir (wife of Brian Weir). We enjoy reading your blog every morning. I believe that the red head pictured today is Frances Coates.

Keep on writing.

Lynn & Brian Weir

Thanks Lynn

Hi Marty,

Everyone who reads the blog should get it because the same gal appeared 2-3 weeks ago. Or does Fran Coates have a twin?

Linda Alex-LaR.

Oh my…I made a mistake. Good thing it’s not punishable by death. I guess it’s not acceptable to make one mistake in over ten thousand posts.. Shame on me….!!!! Maybe I should Hang It up..

Hi Marty,

Todays guess who is Fran Coates.

As John Penney mentioned a good time was had by all once again at the reunion. For us picture wise, it is the lost reunion. I went to download the pics I had taken and there was nothing there . We had a couple of surprise visitors. Larry Leduc showed up on Friday night as well as Susan Morley. She saw the sign saying RGHS reunion and came in. If anybody took pictures please send then in to Marty.


Thanks Sandy R.

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