Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Holiday Travels

Hi Marty..................

On Sept.7th we left on a short holiday to N.Y., Vt.& N.H. - crossed over into N.Y. State from Gananoque, Ont. & followed i-81 to Watertown then headed east on hwy 3 - We were heading for Keeseville (Port Kent) to catch the ferry to Burlington, Vt. - shortly after going through Saranac Lake I started to notice "hwy 9" signs (This was the original hwy prior to the opening of i-87) - This area will bring back pleasant memories for many of us PARKERS - I.E. Plattsburgh Beach, Brodies, Gus's Red Hots etc. Between Keeseville and Port Kent we rounded a bend and another old memory was staring me in the face - "Ausable Chasm" - There's a photo attached of their sign indicating the year it officially opened - I remember Gus R. mentioning to me that his folks took him there for opening day!! - My, it must seem like yesterday - Eh Gus!!

Upon arriving in Bath, N.H. we immediately spotted a long covered bridge (the bridge in Hartland, N.B. may be longer) in a beautiful setting - the attached photos may not be in sequence - but you will get the general idea.

Littleton, N.H. is a quaint New England town that is well worth the visit - there is a very interesting grist mill & their claim to fame is that they made it into "The Guinness Book of Records" with Chutters Candy Shop - It's One Big Candy Shop which includes the "World's Longest Candy Counter" It's 112 feet long!! - You can add this to your list of useless trivia...............We spent a few hours in Franconia Notch, N.H. "the home of Bode Miller who is presently the world's No. 1 skier." - We met an Austrian woman who works in the gift shop at the base of the ski runs who was Bode's first ski instructor - she claims he is every bit as good as any Austrian skier past or present!! ..............
Franconia Notch is also noted for "The Great Stone Face" on one of it's many mountains in the area - This attraction had been drawing tourist for the last two hundred years or so but on the morning of May 3rd, 2003 when the mist lifted they discovered the "Old Man" was no more - time and gravity had taken it's toll and down it fell, but apparently it's now more famous then ever!!

On the way home we made stops in Lake Placid and took a N.Y. ferry between Cape Vincent, N.Y. and Wolfe Island, Ont. and then the Provincial ferry to Kingston, Ont. ..........Some very interesting photos -- To follow -


Thanks Win S.

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