Monday, September 01, 2008

News from the Okanagan Valley

Hi Marty - Greetings from the Okanagan Valley. Hope Labour Day weekend is treating you well, and really hope that it keeps treating Mike Weir well as well. Guess we've reached the age when all athletic accomplishments are vicarious in nature. So we're cheering on Mike.I am appending a couple of photos taken last weekend at the farmer's market in Kelowna.

One is of Abby Sones, who lived on Murray Ave for many years. Abby is recovering from major heart surgery - and is doing very well both physically and attitudinally. He claims renewed vigour for life and looks full of energy and zest. He credits his recovery to a fine surgeon, a good post-op program and care and the support, patience and encouragement of his wife Ann.

The second photo shows Abby, Ann, Mavis and I at the market. Many folks will remember Ann (nee Talbot) as a south shore woman and a graduate of Chambly County High School in St Lambert. This fine couple are enjoying life in BC, and maintain constant contact with friends from the Park and send their best wishes to all.

If any of you are flying into the Kelowna Airport, watch for Abby who is in charge of the greeters who assist and direct folks as they deplane. Given the serious nature of Ab's surgery, thought we should send along an update. Always enjoy the blog, and appreciate the work you do.

Best Gus

I hope you enjoy the photos I shared from my HP Photosmart software.

Thanks Gus R.

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