Thursday, September 11, 2008

Odds and Ends

Hi Marty, just some odds and ends responses re some of your past blogs.
(1) "Labor ad bonum eventum ducit " the RGHS slogan means "work leads to success"

(2) Good to see Bob McFetridge looking hale and hearty-- the last time i saw him was on the telly as ,I think, an RCMP Staff Sergeant answering media questions re some crime in New Brunswick

(3) the photo of the concrete beach in St lambert brought back memories of us GFPK kids going there even though we did not have a CSA(community sports association for St lambert residents only) badge on our swimsuits. Without the badge we could not get in and so we used all of our native wiles to sneak in when "Butch" the blonde-haired,brushcut head lifeguard was looking the other way.

Once in we changed into our swimsuits got into the water and stayed there until we were ready to head home so that the lifeguards would not spot us without the necessary badge.

(4) Great to see Abby Sones my neighbour from across the street and his wife Anne looking so good.

Gus ,next time you see Abby ask him about the football stuffed with cloth, as the bladder had had to be discarded , that he taught me and my brother Jim to play football with. Additionally Gus Anne's Brother John was one of our colleagues at Sir George Williams University n'est-ce'pas?

(5)Teh Beau-Marks started their career in Bedford QC at the, if memory serves, The Riverside Hotel and were a regular feature Fri -Sun at a Hotel in St.Jean which many "Parkers" went to each weekend during the summers of 1961 and 1962. When they broke up and Ray Hutchison went on tour with a group called Dave Nicholls and the Coins he would make stops at the Cafe de L'est, on Notre Dame St which along with the Esquire Show Bar was a regular after practice stop for us members of the Rosemount Bombers Jr football team.

(6) Does anyone out there remember when Wladek "Killer" Kowalski performed a knee drop from the ropes, on Yukon Eric , miscalculated and one of his knees tore one of Eric's ears partially off. Kowalski was a regular on the Wednesday night fights at the Montreal Forum which were telecast live as "La Lutte au Forum" in the very earliest days of TV in Montreal app 1952. Other wrestlers I remember were, Lou Thesz, Edouard Carpentier, "Bobo" Brazil, "Whipper" Billy Watson, Gorgeous George, Johnny Rougeau, Larry Moquin, and the midgets Sky Low Low, Little Beaver etc.

Thanks John McC.

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