Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Old Collectables

Hi Marty
I was just catching up on the blog this morning and noticed in one picture (count your blessings) the old typewriter that was being used by the staff. Odette has one just like it in the basement (Royal typewriter). She won't part with it. Something about being worth something someday. I keep trying to convince her to get rid of it along with the original Kodak Hawkeye camera (circa 1951) in the original box that she has. Im doing a survey to see if anyone else has any of this type of proud possession. Last time I looked at eBay there were thousands of them for sale, but my instructions are not to touch, or suffer the concequences. LOL

See ya,

PS : Ron Smith memorial fall golf tournament this week. Friday Sept12th

Thanks Ivan R.
Maybe someone knows the value of those collectables

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