Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Open Letter to Fen Laird

Many thanks Fen for expanding on my submission to The Greenfield Park Blog and we hope you will continue to take the time to observe the blog and join in when you wish to!!...........It's surprising just how many Canadians and Americans and others come across the blog and having you join in is more than welcome!!

Now, let me assure you that should I ever return to Wolfe Island (chances are I will) and I happen to come across that stranger on the dock that fed me that misinformation concerning the number of wind turbines, who is installing them and the total number of cars that can fit on the ferry on any one crossing I will most certainly give him a piece of my mind and he will, no doubt, be walking funny for quite some time!!

All kidding aside, you live in a great part of the country and my wife and I have every intention to finally take that 1000 Island cruise some time next summer ....................Welcome aboard!!

Win Swinwood

Thanks Win

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