Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vacation Pics... Lake Placid NY

Upon arriving in Lake Placid, N.Y. we had lunch in a quaint diner and then Ann went in one direction to check out the various shops and I took off in the opposite direction armed with my camera with one destination in mind - the Olympic Arena where the 1980 U.S. hockey team upset the favoured Soviet's which was for ever more to be known as ""The Miracle on Ice"".......I spent a good half hour talking to the guy who handles the security for the complex and he was telling me that he was there for the big event......................The arena was meant to handle approx. six thousand fans at the very most but that day the employees working the event were sneaking their friends and relatives into the building and they estimate that there were 12,700 people in the stands before the game was over - not one person was sitting down!! .................I, like mostly everyone, remember watching this exciting match on television.........Oh!! - Memories, Memories, Memories!!........

The 1932 Olympics (Gus R. was there) were also held in Lake Placid and the big name that year turned out to be Sonja Henje - I remember my parents talking about her and I think she starred in a few Hollywood movies!!

We were in Lake Placid on Wed. Sept.10th and just recently found out that Jim & Millie(Henry) McGowan were there also - but as usual they were out on a golf course somewhere!! .........It would have been great to run into them - Oh well !!

Lake Placid has a quaint downtown, a beautiful Lake & is a real tourist destination - Well worth the visit!!


Thanks Win S.

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