Monday, October 27, 2008

GPK Taxi Driver

Well Marty I met Lionel Brault on Churchill yesterday near the G.Pk.library and the ex hill he is 71 years, he drove a taxi on the south-shore for 40 years. He is praticlely blind now, he could never read or write in his life. But this guy that I don't know seems to have some memory, he was from Mackayville, Laurier street now called Langevin.

He told me he stole the G.Pk. chief of police's car Charles Baker in the fifties, it was parked in front of the old Met theatre, he went to the St.Philippe hotel passed Laprairie, he had an accident left the car there never got caught. He founded Astro taxi in Brossard, and was driving lot's of time in G.PK.

He named me all the mayors of G.Pk. @ that time and the police officier's names. He went to the Met theatre he saws mouses in there lot's of time, and it was not mickey mouse. He told me lot's of other stories that would not be suitable for the blog. Oh well.

Thanks Marty

Normand Simard

Thanks Normand

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