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Here are a few names Normand... and MORE

Hi Marty,

I can only pick out a few of the guys in the picture starting with the one standing to the far left, I believe is Fred Knight. 2nd guy from the right kneeling in the 2nd row I believe is Gary Farber and in the same row 4th from the left is Fred Goodall.


Thanks Sandy R.
Hi Marty

I only know a few,

#71 David Houle

#53 Mike Gales

Far left coach ,Fred Knight

Seated behind # 40 is Fred Goodall

seated center, John McC.

Denise E.
Thanks Denise
Hi Marty,

Can only pick a couple

Next to J McC to his right Murray Lloyd
Far right standing Jerry Yuccado


Thanks Millie

Hi Marston

Let me try to guess the names of the ’67 Colts.

Back row: #64-Steve Went, #22- Alan Globensky, #14- Dalton Smith

3rd Row: #11- Norm Burnett, #53- Mike Gales, Terry Bowes, #16- Neil Forbes, Gerry Yaccatto.

2nd Row: On the left end—Jeff Willett, right of Fred Goodall is Mr.Bowes

Front row: #60- Bob Kemper.

Bill K

Thanks Bill
Hi Marty, it appears that there are no more responses to Normand's football so I will throw in my two cents worth,as much as memory will allow. Before listing the names I can remember I just wanted to note that when the people such as Russ Knight,Davie Bowes,Bob Shewan,Jeff Willett, Ron Smith,George MacDonald,Norm Burnett, Herb Holmes and myself came up with the idea of a football team for boys 16-19 ,the team would be based in Greenfield Park but would be open to athletes from all over the South Shore,thus the name South Shore Colts, because we were going to be playing against teams in Monreal from areas which had much bigger talent pools than GFPK to draw from. My list of names will also list the home towns of the players and coaches outside of the Park to indicate the success we had with this principle. And so to the names.

Back row-L-R Steve Went,?? Allan Globensky,Dave Houle,Dalton Smith,Hank Berry(East greenfield/St Hubert)??,??,Brian Hall(East Greenfield/St Hubert)
Standing-L-R Fred Knight(ass't equipment manager) ,Barry Charlebois,??, Peter Foran(McMasterville) Ray Este(Lafleche) ?Anderson(Preville) Eric Mitchell (St lambert),?? Jack lapointe,?? Norm Burnett, Barry McHenry (McMasterville)Mike Gales,Terry Bowes(Brossard)Neil Forbes, Gerry Yaccato Offensive Coordinator
Seated-L-R-Jeff Willett(General Manager), ?? Tommy Barnes(ass't Trainer) ,Fred Goodall(ass't equipment mgr) ,Davie Bowes(equipment Mgr-Brossard), John McConachie-Head Coach, Murray LLoyd-line coach (St Lambert), Jack O'Boyle Line Coach(Brossard)Gary Farber-Ass't General Mgr, Ken Phillips,Defensive Coordinator.
Front row- ?? , Terry Millichamp(East Greenfield/St Hubert)??, Wally Shewan,Rick Noreau (Ville de Lemoyne), Ron?,Bob Kemper, ?? John Choules( Point St Charles) JMcC

Marty, a couple of things I should have added to my earlier missive.--
(1) Ken Phillips was from Longueuil-
(2) Many Thanks to Branch #94 Royal Candian Legion who basically let us use their facilities for our initial organizational meetings and especially our 50/50 weekly fund-raising draws and stayed open for extra hours after each of our home games so that our fans who wanted to have a post-game barley sandwich could do so.
(3) and finally a special nod to our board of Directors who got the whole concept off the ground and kept it running--George MacDonald, Bob Shewan, Alan Globensky Sr, Hugh Meldrum,Frankie Munro, Bob Lunny ,Russ Knight and a couple of others I can't remember. Finally to follow Normands lead I will be sending to you in the next few days scans of our first program from 1966. Thanks. JMcC

Thanks John

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