Monday, October 13, 2008

Island Pond Memories

Those pictures of Island Pond bring back some fond memories. Just prior to moving to Greenfield Park with my grandparents. I travelled by train to there and back on a Friday with my grandfather. He worked as a baggage handler for the American Express his route would be from Montreal to Portland Main. He would leave Monday and return on Tuesday. Leave Wednesday return Thursday on Friday he would just go as far as Island Pond and back home. At the time we lived in Verdun. He purchased our home on Murray just before he retired. When we moved to Greenfield Park in 1950 it was a small town and everyone knew each other. The address was 23 Murray Avenue and later changed to 201 Murray. His name was David Barley and some of his Grandchildren still live in Greenfield Park. One of his grandsons you knew that was Douglas Barley he still lives in Quebec in the Lachute Area called Lake Louisa. I believe he hung around with you and Teddy Charles. There were a few residents moved to Greenfield Park from Verdun and Point St Charles. If not mistaken I believe Charlie Menary went to Rushbrooke School in Verdun and later moved to Greenfield Park. I think the Tomalty family came from the Point St Charles area.

David Wright (Horseman)
Still Galloping Along

Thanks David

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