Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Island Pond Vermont

Hi Marty..........................With Norman in the "Park" sewers (Rumour has it his foot is caught in a crocs mouth & that's why he can't get home for dinner) I thought I'd try and fill in if only for a day!!

These are some additional photos of our September trip to New England. The reason we included Island Pond on our trip is because it is of special importance to my wife Ann...............Her grandfather lived there back in the late 20's and 30's and when first hired by The Grand Trunk Railway he was a fireman (fed coal for the Boilers) and later became an engineer on the same old steam locomotives. He was responsible for the passenger side of the business and would take over the train at Island Pond when it arrived from Portland, Maine and travel through to Montreal - The next day he would travel back to Island Pond & turn the train over to others to continue the trip to Portland. - It was considered a long way to travel back then!! He later moved his family to Brockville, Ont. and did the same thing for the Canadian National Railway between Montreal and Brockville for trains destined for Toronto. He brought the last steam locomotive into Brockville in 1966 and he retired along with the equipment!! He was a great old gent, just to sit with and listen to his exploits on the railroad and he was a great spots fan to boot!!

The trains have stopped running now through Island Pond, like so many other places, and the old railway station has been converted to a bank, however they have kept the old tradition of the railway as best they could!!

There are photos of the Clyde River running out of the lake at Island Pond and flowing under the town's old Hotel - The Clyde River travels north across the border into Quebec and empties into Lake Massiwippi (North Hatley & Ayer's Cliff anyone!!) This information was obtained from the guy who runs the Island Pond Welcome Center.

The last pic is part of the skyline of Burlington, Vt. looking back from the ferry taking us over to Northern New York State.

Island pond would be a nice one day trip from the Montreal area for anyone who can spare the time!!


Thanks Win S.

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