Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A New GPK Visitor and Local Business We Need to Support

Good afternoon, Mr. Marty North

While many left for « greener pastures », some of us decided to stay behind to “defend the fort”. I’m one of them.

My name is André Lambert. Our family moved to Greenfield Park in 56, and I still have our original phone number. Some of you might remember me, from the Youth center era or later on, from the Bearing Burners or the Fire department.

I got more than a bit upset when our town was destroyed by the Québec government and its remains cannibalised by Longueuil.

I already had a small T-shirt printing and embroidering company dealing with Fire departments. Just recently, I added a section with slogans that are a bit more biting and another on “The Greenfield Park University ” which I “founded”, in an effort to, at least, keep our Town’s name alive.

Since then, I’ve added “lighter” sections, witches for Halloween, leprechauns for St-Patrick, taz, dragonflies, etc. More will be added soon.

We make it possible for individuals and small organisations to buy custom printed T-shirts. This involves many manual steps, but we think it’s worth it. No mass produced printed T-shirts from China here. We use computers, special printers/inks and heat presses. There are no minimum quantities of T-shirts to buy. If you need one, that’s ok since we only print on demand. You can choose an existing drawing, ask us to modify the text or create your own drawing and text. We can also reproduce your favorite photo. All in full colors.

The last set of drawings in the Greenfield Park University section shows 2 examples of modified drawings printed for specific clients and used as gifts. The third is used by a small company. This client bought two for himself. When he wants to give one to a client, he sends us the details by e-mail, we print one and send it to his client in his name. He doesn’t have to keep an expensive inventory of T-shirts and waste time managing it.

Before next Monday, we will add a section with text only. Again these are only suggestions, you can always create your own. Other models of T-shirts will also be added soon, including one model that covers all sizes from baby, youth, women, and men up to XXXXXL

I hope you’ll visit our site and spread the word to everybody you know that you found a site that cares about ordinary people, not just larger companies.

Have a nice day, and hopefully we’ll have a chance to meet at one of the centennial parties in 2011.

André Lambert Station No 1

Thanks André and welcome to our site.
I hope we can get some people to visit your business.

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