Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Re Legion Photo (More Names)

Re the attached Legion photo you recently posted on the Greenfield Park blog, here are the names of the people that Alan Houle and his mother, Alice Houle, have been able to identify.

Back row, left to right: Charlie Uprichard; unknown; Russell Knight; Lou Desseres; Al Goldup; unknown; unknown; Jack Asprey.

Front row, left to right: Fred Nightingale; unknown; unknown; Arthur Houle; Bill Knight; Art Holden; Bruce Pollen; unknown; unknown.

Gail D

Thanks Gail

Hi Marty, just to add a few names to the Legion photo, they are-- top row 2nd from right, Harry Wells -- bottom row 3rd from left,Stan Matthews, and far right Ernie Nightingale long-time town Secretary/ Treasurer. JMcC

Thanks John McC.

Hi Marty,

I was at the Legion this afternoon playing "kitchen" bridge and got the missing names -- beside the ones Alan Houle and mother named and John McC. -- straight from Art Holden. Back row, second from left is Bruce Bremner and third from right is Les Tedd. Front row, 2nd from left is Larry Jennings, 2nd from right is Ian (?) Cockburn and at the right is Alec Flemming, Bandmaster, according to Art. In the other pictures of the new hall extension, Art Holden is kneeling.

Linda Alex-LaR.

Thanks Linda

I just saw the captioned photo posted on Sunday, October 26th.
In the top photo the 5th and 6th people on the left are my Mom and Dad - Nony and Bob Freeman. I will make a print and take it when I see her next.
Rod Freeman

Thanks Rod

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