Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snake Identified

Hi Marty,

Although I have no idea why Ivan R. would want to misinform you about the snake picture that appeared in today's blog, it is is DEFINITELY NOT an Australian carpet snake, (Morelia argus variegata). It is, quite clearly, an anaconda, (Eunectes murinus ssp.), indigenous to South America. If it was, in fact, photographed near Gloucester, N.S.W., it was either an escapee from some reptile park or incredibly tired after a very long swim!!!

Carpet snakes may grow to 11' in length, although one was measured at about 14'. The anaconda in the photo is clearly longer than that, (estimated at more than 18'). Attached, FYI, is an image of a carpet snake.



Thanks George P. I don’t believe Ivan was trying to mislead anyone. I have seen this pic before with another story attached to it.

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