Thursday, October 30, 2008

Very Lucky no one was hurt

Hi Marty. Here is a story that ties in the two stories of Normand and Ellen Stone. On Sun. night I arrived home and got out of the car just in time to hear a loud crack and then a thump. 

The crack was the 15 foot top of one cedar tree in a clump of five which was growing in front of our house, the thump was when the fallen treetop hit the roof of the house. Fortunately there was no damage to the house and on Monday morning my youngest son, my neighbour and myself went about taking down 4 of the five trees (app 25-35 feet each). 

We left one for a professional tree remover as we  deemed it too risky for us to try and take it down --wires, angle and height . Attached is a picture of the pile of the remains of our efforts on Monday afternoon. That's the part of the story that ties in with Normand's story of the tree on Murray that has to come down. 

We had rain all day Tues so I didn't get a chance to move the materials and then we had our first snow storm of the year on Tues night 12 cms(5 inches) (Ellen Stones posting) and I have attached a photo of what the pile looked like this morning. The weather is supposed to get much warmer over the next few days which will give me a chance to tidy up the front yard. JMcC


Thanks John 

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