Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WW ll Heroes

In addition to Normand's submission to the blog of Greenfield Park WW2 Heroes I'm attaching a couple of photos (which I snapped on a visit to the Gfpk. Legion some time back) of the five Sundborg Brothers all of whom joined up for the fight just as soon as they became of age, a younger brother Ralph (Chase) -my brother-in-law -was too young to follow in the family footsteps. I'm happy to say all five returned home in one piece, which is really amazing as they all encountered heavy action overseas!!

In one photo other "Park" boys can be seen - Art Holden, Jack Findlay, Harold Kipps, Art Howe, Fred Hallett and others!!
It is my understanding that Greenfield Park as been recognized for the fact that every eligible man, with the exception of one, voluntarily join up to fight as soon as age permitted, and some before I'd wager!!

No doubt that it was because of these lads and others like them that the next generation (which is us) were fortunate enough to be raised in our town and instilled with our present values - we could never thanks them enough!!


Thanks Win S.

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