Saturday, November 15, 2008

1958 Class Picture from RGHS

Hi Marty, obviously my grade ten class photo which now is 49 yrs old is almost beyond the range of many of your subscribers so here are the names-- Back row ,L-R Brian George Pendlebury, Steve Messner, Harold Walker and Wally Robinson-- Middle row L-R Teacher Bruce Benton, Gary Farber,Ken St. Germain Angus John "Gus" Richardson,John McConachie, Keith Morrison,Bob Godefroy,Ross Stone, Gord Lang,Richard Tombs. Front row L-R Rodney Farber, Stan Seguin,?? ,Barbara Ridewood(dec) ,Georgia Moir, Johanna Korvemaker,Barbara Valentine, Vena Dawes, Lorne Roach, Cliff Walker..  

Finally Normand submitted a picture with Gaspard Fauteux cutting a ribbon at RGHS and he was asking for the year. If memory serves me correctly the ribbon was being cut to open the new gym and classrooms which were added to the school and the ceremony was in the spring of 1952 and Gaspard Fauteux was the Lt. Governor of the province. Prior to the new construction the basketball court was an outdoor one with a  stone dust surface and was in the exact location where the new gym was built. JMcC


Thanks John McC

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