Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2009 GPK Reunion News & Attendees List

Hi Marty;

So far we have had an excellent response to our survey regarding the 
planned Greenfield Park Reunion that will be held in Ottawa in September 
.  I have attached a list of those who have responded positively to 
date.  Would you please put the list up on the blog.  Hopefully it will 
encourage others to join us.

Greenfield Park 2009 Reunion Survey Response to 24 Nov 08


John & Dorothy (Bugera) Penney                           Garry & Karen Comber

Janet (Allen) & Don Watson                                    Sandy (Snow) & Brian Robinson

Ralph & Millie Bennett                                    Sharon, Maureen & Kathleen Fogarty

Clifford/Margaret Board                                    Bruce Harfield

Wayne Caverly & wife                                    Betty (Heath) Wright

David & Sharron Rye                                                Barb(Williams) & George Hamilton

Tiemen Korvemaker                                                Marston North

Ivan Rhoades & wife                                                Lorna (Forder) Paquin

Normand Simard                                                Diane (Forder) Stack

Barbara (Barfoot) Lewis                                    John Riley

Sam & Ellen Stone                                                Margo (Tomalty) Valliant

George Hollingdrake                                                Marilyn Blackwood

Judy (Harrison) Johnson                                    Brenda (Harrison) Casey

Barb (Went) Carver & husband                        Diane (Heavyside) Belliveau

Heather (Hubbard) Cooper                                    Rod & Raye Smith

Brenda (Fielding) & Fred Knight                        Lorna (Garrett) Watkins

Beverly(Garrett) Jeary                                    Carolyn (Cobb) Dalgard

Heather (McCallum) Nesbitt & Husband            Pat (Woodall) & Terry Caverly

Lawrence & Gwen Comber                                    Ann & Winston Swinwood

Denise (Houle) Evola                                                Dave Houle

Penny (Tomalty) & Doug Love                        Heather (Blain) Gibb           

Thanks - John

Thanks John P.

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