Friday, November 14, 2008

Can Anyone recognize people in these old Pics

Hi Marty,

 Here are three old photos. We need people from the Park, or who used to live in the Park, over 55 years of age to look at them carefully to see if they can identify their parents, grandparents or great uncles and aunts.

 The first one is of one of Greenfield Park's first Armistice Day parades probably somewhere between 1923 and 1930. The World War 1 Veterans are marching up Devonshire Road. The only man identified so far is Davy Boyd. I hope some others will recognize a parent or grandparent.


The second is of a group of girls dressed as Indians for a show of some kind probably at the United Church about 1928-30. I'm really hoping someone will recognize the house. After careful examination I believe there is the number 68 on the post near the door, but it could be 68 Greenfield, 68 Fairfield, 68 Empire, 68 Springfield or 68 King Edward as well as a few other possibilities. Hopefully someone will recognize a mother or grandmother or aunt.

 The third photo by the poster on the wall, must have been taken during the war. Ernest Nightingale is visible is the center as are 3 pastors. They could be the Anglican, United, Catholic or Pentecostal ministers around 1940-43. Hopefully a minister, politician or woman in the background will be recognizable to someone.

 Send any possibilities to Marty.


 John Riley

Thanks John

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